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services for art and artists
Ideaventuno with Art and Artists

Serving artists with the platform ArtistaOnLine 

Ideaventuno is also dedicated to artists. How?
Thanks to the portal ArtistaOnLine.


The portal offers a series of services aimed at supporting artists in promoting their artistic activity. 


Through ArtistaOnLine, artists can create, thanks to the  ArtBasic and ArtPlus plans, their own web space, a Landing Page, to present their biography, portfolio, and artistic activity.


ArtistaOnLine also offers promotion services, such as search engine optimization (SEO) and social media promotion, to increase the visibility of artists and their works. 


Thanks to this dedicated platform, Ideaventuno is committed to providing comprehensive support to artists, allowing them to reach a wider audience and promote their talent effectively.




Eventi Mostre Concerti

Events, Exhibitions, Concerts

​The organization of cultural events , exhibitions , concerts and workshops is what we wish to do with the passion and care that this sector requires.

Our experience will lead to planning everything with precision and quality, whether it be cultural events or permanent installations, temporary exhibitions, concerts in historic and prestigious locations.

The " Musical revivals " event, organized by ArtAndCharity ODV and curated and promoted by us, reaches its fifth edition this year and is one of the testimonies of our important activity in the world of art.

In the 2023 edition we took care of the communication of the eight beautiful concerts in as many prestigious locations, combining Art and Music and simultaneously finalizing a fundraiser for the social projects identified by the ArtAndCharity ODV Association   with whom we actively collaborate.


Temporary Art Exhibition

​It is the service specifically designed for the creation and management of limited-time events in Art Galleries and in some prestigious locations where Artists can exhibit their works and carry out artistic performances without taking on the entire organization and promotion of the event. the event itself.

We have obtained a mandate to create and manage events in the Gallery such as personal or collective exhibitions, cultural meetings , editorial presentations , conferences and much more.

The locations identified by us are treasure chests that, thanks to our precious intervention, are ready to welcome you.

In this regard, we have created a " turnkey " entry package at a decidedly attractive cost which allows the Artist to carry out the event for a pre-established duration, promotion on the website and social media, and the Vernissage.
Upon request, various additional services can be provided such as photographic and video services, up to the initial and final cleaning of the exhibition spaces.

Eventi Mostre Concerti

Graphics and printing

​We offer artists an accurate professional digital printing and offset printing service covering different media and intended uses.

What can we do for you?

printing service - business cards, brochures, leaflets - signage - notes, folders, paper catalogues, magazines, books,

labels, roll-ups.

In practice we can provide you with everything you may need to promote an event, an exhibition, a concert and much more.


Digital book

Our service is designed for the creation, realization, and management of digital catalogs, offering a simple, economical, and easily customizable solution to present your products or services.


Simplicity and Affordability:

  • Easy to Create: We design digital catalogs that are easy to create and customize, allowing you to quickly update the content.
  • Affordable: Compared to paper catalogs, it significantly reduces production and distribution costs.

Accessibility and Versatility:

  • Multi-device: Catalogs can be browsed and consulted from any device, ensuring optimal usability.
  • Unlimited Access: Unlimited access to the catalog and simultaneous consultation by multiple users.

Easy Consultation:

  • Interactivity: Interactive catalogs with intuitive and user-friendly navigation.
  • Web Links: Cloud hosting, accessible via a simple web link, without the need to download heavy files.

Real-time Updates:

  • Immediate Changes: Real-time updating, ensuring always up-to-date information.


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